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Zoning & Permits - FAQs

When do I need a Zoning Permit?
Who can I contact with questions regarding Zoning & Permits?

If you are planning on doing any type of building, remodeling or property improvements, please contact the Township Zoning Officer, Shawn Leidy at 610-262-7961, ext. 302 to secure any permits that may be needed before starting your project. Please refer to the PLOT PLAN MEMO as well for important "to scale" information. East Allen Township is required to conform to Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code requirements.

How long does it take to process a zoning/building permit?

Typically a residential building permit that does not involve review and approval under the Uniform Construction Code takes approximately (15) days from date received to process.

Are Moving Permits required in East Allen Township?

One of the most difficult tasks facing the Township is to keep accurate records of the residents and businesses within the municipality, in order to better serve them. There are several administrative duties that take place when a person or business moves in, out or within East Allen Township.

If you're selling your property or if tenancy of a property is changing, the Township Zoning Officer does a compliance check. This is all done to make your move as smooth as possible. Please follow the instructions below and as always if you have any questions regarding this process or fees, do not hesitate to contact the Township office at 610-262-7961.

Moving Out
Any person(s) moving out of East Allen Township must obtain a Moving Permit. If you are selling your home, a Certificate of Occupancy is also required along with the Moving Permit.

Moving In
Any person(s) moving into East Allen Township must obtain a Moving Permit.

Moving Within the Township
Any person(s) moving within East Allen Township must obtain a Moving Permit. If you are selling your home, a Certificate of Occupancy is also required along with the Moving Permit. In this case, the fee for the Moving Permit will be waived.

Is a Certificate of Occupancy required for the re-sale of an existing home?

Yes. The Township does require a Certificate of Occupancy prior to change in ownership or tenancy of any residential dwelling unit or structure, including individual leased areas thereof. Fee of $35.00 at time of submittal.

A Moving Permit is also required for the seller(s) and buyer(s), which can be obtained from the Township office or on this website.

Typically a Certificate of Occupancy Permit or Moving Permit takes approximately (15) days from date received to process.

What are the Reflective Emergency Response Address Signs and where can I purchase mine?

East Allen passed Ordinance #2007-08 which requires all properties with structures (residential or other) to install Reflective Emergency Response Number Sign. All properties are required to have a 6" x 18" green reflective background address sign with 4" white reflective numbers. The signs are to be placed on the same side of the street as the dwelling and must be visible at all times of the year approaching the property from both directions of travel.
The intent of the Ordinance is to help first responders find the scene of an emergency quicker. It also makes it easier for UPS, Fed-Ex and others to find your home when making deliveries or just visiting. It is important to mark your property as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so. Signs can be purchased from Miller Ace Hardware on Rt. 329, or Interstate Signs Products.

Remember… this is how emergency responders find YOU in times of an emergency!

Is Open Burning permitted in the Township?

Controlled burning in East Allen Township is permitted on a restricted basis. The Burn Permit is required for all types of burning. Please refer to Chapter 76, Burning, Open.
If you obtain a permit to burn, before you burn, please view the East Allen Township Volunteer Fire Department's website at for Red Flag information. Also refer to our Home Page. If the County is under a Red Flag warning, burning in the Township is prohibited. If you plan to burn with a Burn Permit, please contact Northampton County Non-Emergency at 610-317-0808, you will be prompted to provide your Burn Permit # at that time.

Does the Township have a weed Ordinance?

Yes. All premises and exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds or plant growth in excess of 12".

My neighbor's tree and/or shrub is a problem and is encroaching on to my property. What can I do?

This is a civil matter between homeowners. You should contact your lawyer for further information. The Township does not regulate trees and/or shrubs on private property.

How do I file a Complaint?

The Policy of the Township is that all complaints need to be made in written form with complainants name, address, phone number and the nature of their complaint on an official Complaint Form. You can download the East Allen Township Complaint Form HERE. Complaint forms are also accepted by email at

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