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Snow Removal

Snow should be shoveled or plowed to the right side of the driveway as you are facing the intersecting roadway. (See diagram below). By piling snow away from the oncoming direction of the snow plows, the snow will not be pushed back onto your driveway.

  • Eliminate snow piles at the property entrance whenever possible. High accumulations of snow can obstruct the vision of motorists, posing a safety hazard.
  • Do not push snow onto roadways at any time. This creates hazardous conditions for all vehicles.

Snow Guidelines

For more winter driving tips and information on how PennDOT treats winter storms, visit

For more information and a resident guide to winter storm maintenance operations in East Allen, please see our 2013-14 Fall/Winter Newsletter. Motorists can check road conditions on more than 2,900 miles of state roads by calling 5-1-1 or visiting

East Allen Township Remember Snow Emergency Ordinance #2007-09
East Allen Township's Snow Emergency Ordinance #2007-09 requires that all vehicles be removed from the streets immediately when a snow emergency is declared by the Township.
Residents will be notified about snow emergencies by way of local television, WFMZ -Channel 69 News.

This Township website, will also inform our residents when a snow emergency is in effect.

Please remember that noncompliance with this ordinance may result in a fine up to $300.

Resident's Guide to Winter Snow Maintenance Operations
Snow removal in East Allen Township is a definite challenge that the Department of Public Works is prepared to tackle every winter. The department is pleased to make this "Resident's Guide to Winter Snow Maintenance Operations" available to the public. The purpose of this Guide is to make East Allen Township residents aware of the Department of Public Works winter snow plowing objectives and procedures and to enlist your assistance so that East Allen Township’s streets can be returned to "normal conditions" as quickly as possible following a winter storm. Patience and understanding by all residents and the general public goes a long way in making snow removal in East Allen Township a successful undertaking.

The primary goal of the Department of Public Works is to ensure that all the maintained roadways are promptly cleared and treated as quickly and safely as possible following a storm event. If you are traveling the roadways during a winter storm event, remember to be conscious of increased stopping distances, limited sight visibility, road debris and other travelers (pedestrians and motor vehicles) including plow operators. Remember, the Public Works personnel are making the roadways safe for you and all others traveling within East Allen Township.

Please keep a minimum of 400-feet from the plows to avoid damage to windshields and to prevent possible accidents. The plowing operations require the drivers to make frequent stops and turns. These maneuvers may require the vehicles to back-up along the traveled way. We recognize that the cooperation and involvement of all East Allen Township residents is essential and vital for the department to accomplish and achieve this objective. Patience, courtesy and forethought are critical in making winter driving safe for all.

With your help, we will be able to provide the important functions of our winter maintenance program.

KEEP STREETS OPEN, ESSENTIAL TRAFFIC MOVING, AND RETURN STREETS TO SAFE TRAVELABLE CONDITIONS QUICKLY. Your support and patience is necessary and appreciated as we work to make our streets safe for travel.

How can you help?
Winter road maintenance is expensive, dangerous and time consuming. Here are a few suggestions to help not only yourself, but the Department of Public Works as well:

  • Do NOTshovel, plow, or blow snow from your property into the roadway, it could refreeze making it dangerous for other drivers.
  • Do NOT have portable basketball nets in street.
  • Do NOT place trash cans in the street.
  • Do NOT park vehicles on the street until the street has been completely cleared. If there is a snow fall and residents have a vehicle parked on the roadway, please move it immediately.
  • Do NOT permit children to play in and around the edge of the road.
  • Check road conditions. Prior to final clean-up of your driveway, check the road condition. If it does not appear to be completely clear or needs to be widened, chances are the plow may return and may push snow back into the entrance of your driveway. If possible wait until the street is plowed curb to curb before clearing driveway openings.
  • Shovel out fire hydrants if they are located on your property. Doing so will help the Fire Department in case there is a need to locate and operate the hydrant.
  • Clean around catch basin grates, this will help remove the runoff from the snow-melt and prevent ponding (and potential freezing) of water in the street.
  • Motorists need to have a greater awareness of Township vehicles salting and plowing snow. Motorists should not interfere or impede the plow in any way.
  • Make sure mailboxes are properly secured and cleared.
  • Be aware of Snow Emergency Ordinance #2007-09.
  • Be patient. All roads will be cleared as soon as possible.

Winter mailbox damage
Winter may pose a threat to your roadside mailbox due to snow drifts, vehicle incidents, and potential snowplow damage. Mailboxes are always placed in the township right of way, which means the Public Works Department is not liable for damages to mailboxes caused by snow removal operations. However, damages may not be caused by direct contact with the snowplow, but from heavy, wet snow being thrown from the plow. Residents are encouraged to inspect their mailboxes prior to the upcoming snow season.

Dangers of parking your vehicle at the end of your driveway
During a snow storm it is not a wise decision to park your vehicle at the VERY end of your driveway.
Not only does it make plow operations difficult for operators, you don't get any less snow at the end of your driveway parking your vehicle this way.

What you do risk, is the plow being pulled in your cars direction or skidding on ice, and taking out the rear end of your car.

Ahead of Future Winter Storms, Governor Wolf, PennDOT Stress Safety, Preparedness
Harrisburg, PA
As the winter season continues, Governor Tom Wolf and PennDOT are urging motorists to prepare their vehicles and take time to familiarize themselves with winter safety laws as part of Winter Driving Awareness Week, which runs through January 14.

You can take just a few simple steps to be prepared and help keep you and others safe," Governor Wolf said. "I urge all Pennsylvanians to prepare for winter driving and upcoming inclement weather."

"It is important that drivers plan, and prepare their vehicles ahead of time, as weather patterns can change rapidly," PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards said. "Taking the proper steps before you hit the road will help keep you and other drivers safe this season."

Drivers should frequently check all fluid levels, lights and wiper blades. Tires should also be examined often for the correct level of air pressure and adequate tire-tread depth to perform on ice and snow.

Richards urged drivers to get their vehicles serviced by a mechanic as soon as possible if they haven't already. A properly trained, trustworthy mechanic can check the cooling system, battery, hoses, drive belts, tires and wiper blades to ensure they are in good condition and functioning properly.

Finally, the traveling public should also prepare or restock a vehicle emergency kit. An emergency kit should include items such as non-perishable food, water, first-aid supplies, warm clothes, a blanket, cell phone charger and a small snow shovel. However, motorists should tailor their kits to any specific needs that they or their families may have. Consider adding such items as baby supplies, extra medication, pet supplies or even childrens games.

Motorist should also be aware that all vehicles should be fully clear of ice and snow before winter travel. If snow or ice is dislodged or falls from a moving vehicle and strikes another vehicle or pedestrian causing death or serious bodily injury, the operator of that vehicle could receive a $200 to $1,000 fine.

When winter weather does occur, PennDOT asks drivers to be extra cautious around operating snow-removal equipment. When encountering a plow truck, drivers should:

  • Stay at least six car lengths behind an operating plow truck and remember that the main plow is wider than the truck
  • Be alert since plow trucks generally travel much more slowly than other traffic.
  • When a plow truck is traveling towards you, move as far away from the center of the road as is safely possible, and remember that snow can obscure the actual snow plow width.
  • Never try to pass or get between several trucks plowing side by side in a "plow train." The weight of the snow thrown from the plow can quickly cause smaller vehicles to lose control, creating a hazard for nearby vehicles.
  • Never travel next to a plow truck since there are blind spots where the operator can't see and they can occasionally be moved sideways when hitting drifts or heavy snowpack.
  • Keep your lights on to help the operator better see your vehicle. Also, remember that under Pennsylvania state law, vehicle lights must be on every time a vehicle's wipers are on due to inclement weather.

    To help make decisions as to whether to travel during winter weather, motorists are encouraged to "Know Before You Go" by checking conditions on more than 40,000 roadway miles, including color-coded winter conditions on 2,900 miles, by visiting which is free and available 24 hours a day, provides traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, traffic speed information, and access to more than 770 traffic cameras.

    511PA is also available through a smartphone app for iPhone and Android devices, by calling 5-1-1, or by following regional Twitter alerts accessible on the 511PA website. The "Historic Holiday Traffic" player is currently only available on desktop computers or tablets that support Flash.

    For more information on safe winter travel, and emergency kit checklist and information on PennDOT's winter operations including a video released this winter, visit the department's winter web page,

    The public can join the discussion on a safe holiday season using the hashtag #PASafeHoliday and
    find winter information with the hashtag #PAWinter
    MEDIA CONTACT: Rich Kirkpatrick or Erin Waters-Trasatt, PennDOT; Ruth Miller, PEMA

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