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Trash & Recycling

East Allen Township

Trash Haulers
A list of approved Trash Haulers in East Allen can be requested at any time. We have a current list at the Municipal Office for pick up. Residents are welcome to choose the appropriate hauler for their needs.

Recycling Bins
Many residents have come into the Township office to inquire about new recycling bins. Some have disappeared due to high winds when weather is uncooperative or the original bins received are not in the best of shape.

Unfortunately, the Township does not have replacement bins to offer.

However, we have bright colored recycle stickers available at the Municipal Office to help make your container stand out from regular garbage bins. Your hauler will be able to identify your recyclables better as well.

If interested in the stickers, visit the Township office during regular business hours.
Regular township business hours: Monday through Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm

Where should you recycle your plastic bags?
Find a Drop-Off Location for Plastic Bags Near You:
A list of drop off locations for plastic bags can be found at

The locations listed below accept CLEAN and DRY bags (remove receipts).
Please call the specific facility to verify acceptable materials before visiting.

If you have a large quantity of material, please check with the store manager for appropriate drop off procedures.

Walmart Supercenter
2601 MacArthur Rd
Whitehall, PA 18052

2650 MacArthur Rd.
Whitehall, PA 18052

912 Airport Rd.
Allentown, PA 18109

Weis Markets
5580 Crawford Dr.
Allentown, PA 18109

5000 Wegmans Dr.
Bethlehem, PA 18017

Where can you get rid of your unwanted treated wood?
Wondering where you can take treated wood?
East Penn Sanitation located at 4687 Hanoverville Rd., Bethlehem, PA 18020 accepts treated wood.

Please contact East Penn's office directly at 610-759-6398 or by email at for hours of operation and any requirements they may have for disposal of treated wood products.

Busting recycling myths
Reducing Contamination/Improving Quality
Contamination is the intersection of quality and value.

Quality relates to two factors:
Did the right items go into the bin?
Were those items prepared properly so they don't damage other materials in a commingled stream?

How clean is clean?
Do you need to wash containers before recycling?
Optical scanners may not recognize plastics with food or liquid in them.
Remember the following: EMPTY, RINSE, and RECYCLE. In areas with water shortages, WIPE rather than rinse.

Metal is metal?
If cans can go in, so can pans, right?
NO! Bulky metals, chains and long stringy items can be dangerous and costly when caught in processing machines. These items can be handled separately however.
Steel cans and aluminum beverage cans are 100% recyclable. So, Empty and Recycle.

Glass is glass?
If jars can go in, why can't drinking glasses & window panes?
Don't give up on glass, it's a very important component in curbside recycling. As you recycle glass, remember not all glass is the same. Window glass and automotive glass are very different from glass bottles and jars. Remember the three simple rules, EMPTY, RINSE, RECYCLE!

Plastic is plastic?
If it's plastic and has the little arrows on it, put it in the bin, right?
Although most bottles and containers are good to go, film and plastic bags may not be. Plastic bags and wrap are not recyclable at the curb. Bags can stop a processing facility for an entire day. Caps are usually accepted when left on containers.

Are cartons recyclable?
They all have layers of different types of material.
YES! Cartons are made from high quality paper and are recyclable.

Are pizza boxes recyclable?
YES! At the end of the day, the box is recyclable when free of the following: Cheese, Food, Left over bits of pizza & cheese, Coated paper, and those little plastic tents. Grease in the box is not a major contaminate, the food will be the problem.

Only recycle accepted materials
Putting unaccepted materials into your recycling bin can be dangerous for workers. There are significant energy savings in recycling versus manufacturing items from virgin materials. Recycling helps us avoid unnecessary waste.


Going Green
Township Responsibility & "Going Green"
In this day and age, it is becoming extremely important for companies to take on a responsibility in how they handle their business. That’s why at East Allen Township we believe we need to take an active role and become environmentally conscious when it comes to the carbon emissions we are responsible for.

East Allen Township has taken the position to Go Green and our energy needs are now produced from renewable sources such as wind energy that offset the Townships carbon footprint.

We believe that the energy we use to run the Township Municipal Building doesn't just affect us but also affects our residents, our community and our future generations. We aim to continue to conserve energy, use renewable sources and look for other ways that may help with our responsibility to the environment.

E-Cycling Disposal Options
Rules for Disposing of Electronic Devices Effective January 2013, electronic devices, such as laptops, computers, monitors and televisions can no longer be disposed of in your regular trash. Under the state Covered Device Recycling Act of 2010 (Act 108 of 2010), waste haulers will not be able to accept these items unless the township has a curbside electronics collection program that ultimately sends the devices to an electronics recycler.

Although East Allen does not have curbside collections, our residents are encouraged to dispose of their electronics at local facilities. Please visit the following locations to recycle your electronics.

DRC Technologies
2005 Main Street
Northampton, PA 18067
Please follow the link for a list of accepted items and fees for drop off items. Flyers are also available at the Township Office. Should you have additional questions, please contact DRC Technologies directly.

GER Solutions Recycling Center
Lehigh County
795 Roble Rd
Allentown, PA 18109

GER Solutions Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9:30 am - 12:00 pm
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
*Third Saturday of every month from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Ger Solutions is your Green Environment Recycling Solution and is an EPA permitted facility located in Allentown, PA. Please follow the link for a list of accepted items and fees for drop off items. Flyers are also available at the Township Office. Should you have additional questions, please contact Ger Solutions directly at 610-443-1776.

Free Paper Shredding
Please follow the link for information about Free Paper Shredding or 2020 Mobile Paper Shredding Events

2020 Electronics Recycling Collection Events
Northampton County Latex Recycling

2020 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event
Northampton County Household Hazardous Waste Collection

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