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5344 Nor-Bath Boulevard / Northampton, Pa 18067 / 610-262-7961

General Info - FAQs

In what School District is East Allen Township in?

Northampton Area School District
2014 Laubach Avenue
Northampton, PA 18067

Who are the local Fire Department and Ambulance Corps.?

East Allen Township Volunteer Fire Department
5354 Nor-Bath Blvd.
Northampton, PA 18067

East Allen Township Ambulance Corps.
4945 Nor-Bath Blvd.
Northampton, PA 18067

What Hospitals are near East Allen Township?

Lehigh Valley Hospital - Muhlenberg
2545 Schoenersville Road
Bethlehem, PA 18017

St. Luke's Hospital
1736 Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18104

Coordinated Health - Bethlehem
2775 Schoenersville Road
Bethlehem, PA 18017

Senior Guidance
Senior Living Communities provides comprehensive resources on various senior living options, including: assisted living facilities, senior living communities, nursing homes, independent living communities, continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) and all other long term senior care options, including memory care such as Alzheimer's or Dementia.

What do I need for Moving into the Township?

Any person(s) moving into East Allen Township must obtain a Moving Permit.

What are the Reflective Emergency Response Address Signs and where can they be purchased?

East Allen passed an Ordinance #2007-08 requiring all properties with structures (residential or other) on them to place Reflective Emergency Response Number Signs. All properties are required to have a 6" x 18" green reflective background address sign with 4" white reflective numbers. The signs are to be placed on the same side of the street as the dwelling and will be visible approaching the property from both directions of travel. The intent of the Ordinance is to help first responders get to the scene of an emergency quicker. It also makes it easier for UPS, Fed-Ex and others to find your home when making deliveries or just visiting. It is important to mark your property as soon as possible if you haven't already done so. Signs can be purchased from Miller Ace Hardware on Rt. 329, or Interstate Signs Products.

Remember, this is how emergency responders find YOU in your time of need.

Who collects my Trash & Recycling in East Allen?

A list of approved Trash Haulers in East Allen can be requested at any time. A current list is available at the Municipal Office for pick up. Residents are welcome to choose the appropriate hauler for their needs.

Who and Where Do I Pay My Taxes?

Joy Hemming, East Allen Real Estate & Hydrant Tax Collector
5344 Nor-Bath Blvd. / Northampton, PA 18067 / 610-262-7961 ext. 303
Collects: Township Real Estate Tax - 6.5 mills
All payments can be mailed or processed at the Municipal Building. Separate checks are required for Real Estate and Fire Hydrant. Please make checks payable to East Allen Township. As a convenience, there is a "drop box" on the pillar near the front entrance to the Municipal Building. The drop box can be used at any time to leave payments or correspondence.

Northampton County Government Center
669 Washington Street / Easton, PA 18042 / 610-559-3000
Collects: County Real Estate Tax - 11.8 mills

Northampton Area School District Tax Office
P.O. Box 29 / 2014 Laubach Avenue / Northampton, PA 18067 / 610-261-4612
Collects: Per Capita $10 and School District Real Estate Tax - 48.89 mills

Who can I contact with questions regarding Zoning & Permits?

If you are planning on doing any type of building, remodeling or property improvements, please contact the Township Zoning Officer at 610-262-7961, ext. 302 to secure the necessary permits that may be needed before starting your project. Please see Zoning and Permits Department for more information.

Are there any Parks in East Allen?

East Allen has two parks and the Northampton County Trail that runs through the Township. The two parks located in the Township are:

Bicentennial Park
5450 Liberto Lane
Bethlehem, PA 18017

Jacksonville Park
6373 Jacksonville Road
Bath, PA 18014

Both parks and walking trail offer a natural, open space environment that welcomes you and your family. Please see Parks and Recreation Department for more information and directions.

Can I trim the trees on my property?

If you plan to trim your own trees, please remember to cut back all branches that hang into roadways 16' high and 4' back from shoulder of the road. Some reminders when considering plantings for the season:

  • Property owners who live on corner properties should be aware that you should not plant anything in the "Sight Triangle"
  • Shrubs and trees overhanging the road are a safety issue. Please keep all shrubs and any type of landscaping out of the 4 foot right of way, this can be a problem when plowing snow and for underground utilities.

Am I Allowed To Burn In East Allen?

Please refer to Chapter 76, Burning, Open.
Before you burn, please view the East Allen Township Volunteer Fire Department's Website for Red Flag information. Also refer to Home Page & Announcements. If the County is under a Red Flag warning, burning in the Township is prohibited. If you plan to burn with a Burn Permit, please contact Northampton County Non-Emergency at 610-317-0808, you will be prompted to provide your Burn Permit # at that time.

How do I apply for a Volunteer Position in the Township?

Any East Allen resident interested in volunteering their time on one of the Township volunteer boards may submit a completed Volunteer Application. Upon completion, the form may be returned to the Township Municipal Office for review. For specific board information, please contact the municipal office.

What can I do about nuisance animals (fox, raccoons, skunks, etc.)?

Our Public Works Department does not respond to nuisance animals. Please contact an animal control company for assistance.

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